All AutoCam360 systems are operated through our powerful Command imaging control software, which is designed, programmed, and supported by our in-house team here in the United States. Because of this, we offer an unrivaled customer support, as well as frequent software updates full of general improvements, added features, and user suggestions to improve your overall workflow.

Depending on the system owned, there are two versions of the software available: AC360 TT Command, and the more robust AC360 MA Command.


AC360 TT Command Software

The AC360 TT Command Software is designed to easily operate both the Mini TT and 36 TT turntable systems. Gain full control over the turntable hardware, as well as features that optimize the image capture process and overall workflow— all from one intuitive interface.


AC360 Multi-Axis Command Software

The AC360 Multi-Axis MA Command Software is engineered specifically for our flagship AutoCam360 Multi-Axis system. This version of the software unlocks a whole host of additional features, including a more robust control interface that provides a greater precision in the turntable and multi-axis movement, as well as expanded lighting controls, camera settings, ultra-accurate focus and zoom controls, a comprehensive data management tool, advanced metadata tagging (including IPTC and full automation capabilities with template-based programmable events and profiles— all providing a more seamless and efficient workflow in every step of the photography process.