Simply the most powerful, high end software for automating 360° product photography, and video.

The AC360 MA (Multi-Axis) Command Software unlocks many powerful tools that provide users a high end tool for capturing interactive product photography with a truly precise, programmable, and automated workflow.

A key feature of MA Command is the additional capabilities of template-based shooting. Template-based shooting is an easy, repeatable way to create, save, recall, and edit custom-built templates. These templates store camera settings, light adjustments, camera angles, as well as turntable, and camera movements into actions that can be recalled with the click of a button.


Available for both PC and Mac, this software gives users a powerful interface to operate the AutoCam360 Multi-Axis system with high precision control over the camera settings, camera movement, multi-axis hardware movements, lighting, and turntable.


The software is split into three main dynamically scalable, tear-away windows: Template & Hardware Command, Camera Command, and Session Manager— the in-software data management tool.


A Robust, elegant experience from end-to-end.


The Template and Hardware Command window drives both the template programmer, and the hardware control tool.


Templates are built as “events”, and events are comprised of “tiles”. Tiles record individual camera settings, light adjustments, camera angles, as well as turntable and camera movements. These tiles can be added, removed, edited, and rearranged to create shooting templates for easy repeatable image capture.

Similar to the lighter AC360TT Command Software, you can also setup either interval photo capture, or continuous video shooting with a full set of shooting options including number of shots per rotation, and time delays.

DMX lighting can be adjusted for both brightness and color. However, unlike the lighter version of the software, the Multi-Axis system is not capped with the number of DMX channels that can be controlled, so MA Command permits the use and control over as many channels and devices as needed.


An additional feature offered is the “Perfect Arc”, which is exclusive to the Multi-Axis system and software. Perfect Arc allows users to set the desired distance from the camera to the object. The system then calculates an equidistant camera motion for a perfect multi-row arc around the object.


The channel control panel lets users navigate, select, and adjust controls for all axes of hardware movement (distance, camera tilt, and elevation), as well as turntable, focus, and zoom. Each channel provides precision adjustments and advanced options for flawless image capture every time.


The Camera Command interface allows for remote tethering of your camera and provides a set of tools for adjusting the camera without having to physically touch the camera.

The primary toolbar offers quick access to several key tools:


  • Image cropping

  • Basic camera controls (ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and white balance)

  • Windowed Zoom for getting critical focus

  • A “view last photo taken” recall

  • A “quick fire” shutter release buttoN


Using Live View (currently only available for select Canon and Nikon cameras), users can see framing, composition, and lighting of their subject within the software.

Below the Live View window, there are 6 dynamic menus: Live View Options, Camera Control, Overlay, Photo Colors, Crop Setup and Watermark Setup that can all be expanded to reveal more advanced options.   

Some of these advanced controls include:

  • Grid overlays for more precise centering and composition

  • An expanded set of camera controls

  • Onion-skinning images for referencing and matching previously captured images

  • Image watermarking

  • Crop previewing

  • A histogram with an over/under exposure checker

Precise, and efficient— a true game changer for the eCommerce industry.



The Session Manager tool handles all post-image capture data management. Its simple, yet intuitive interface helps expedite workflows and maximize efficiency.

Features include:

  • Metadata tagging (including IPTC and XMP data)

  • Photo review tools

  • Basic photo editing

  • Batch file management

  • Spin previews

  • A fast, and easy spin host uploader that can be managed right from MA COMMAND

MA Command is issued on an annual license that permits one seat access to the system at a time. Additional license seats can be purchased if needed.


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