360° SPINS

360° spins offer your customers an interactive view of your products. Using interactive product photography on your store can greatly increase customer engagement, increase revenue potential and decrease returns by giving customers a better understanding of the products you are selling online.


Multi-row views are comprised of multiple 360° product spins at intermittent angles. Multi-row photography provides customers a more dynamice view of your products, and provides a greater understanding of the quality and features of each item.  Multi-row views are perfect for complex, unique, or feature-rich products that warrant a more comprehensive look.


“Pack Images” are an industry term for a series of still photos used on E-commerce sites to show a product from multiple angles. When shooting with AutoCam360 products, pack images can be extracted from the already-captured 360° spins for use as pack imagery.


Wow your customers by shooting beautiful motion-controlled product videos with programmable, and repeatable dynamic camera movements.



Photogrammetry is the process of taking a series of still images from various angles, and processing them into 3D models for use in web, video, video games, simulations, set design, animation, augmented reality, virtual reality, and more. Using the AutoCam360 Multi-Axis system simplifies the process, allowing you to efficiently capture the imagery needed to build stunning photorealistic 3D models.