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built by Kessler

Kessler is the industry leader in motion control for film and photography for over a decade. All our experience, knowledge and expertise have been poured into making Autocam360™️, the best option for 360° product spins, multi-angle product views and product videos.

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boost sales

360° product spins, multi-row (3D) product views pack images and video greatly increase consumer engagement which in turn increases the revenue potential for all your products. The more time a customer spends looking at a product on your site, the greater the chance that they will buy it.

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save time & Money

Shooting product photography and video manually would normally eat up your day with multiple setups, settings, etc.  Autocam360™️ streamlines the process with template based automated shooting freeing you up to focus on selling and your day to day business.

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a complete system

We realize one size fits all really doesn’t always fit all, which is why Autocam360™️ has multiple systems and accessory options to meet your specific needs.  Need to control lighting?  We have solutions for that.  Need to adjust focus during a move?  We got you covered on that as well.  Autocam360™️ is a complete solution for product photography and videos.

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EASY TO USE and reliable

Autocam360™️ has been designed from the ground up to be simple to operate yet offer the user full creative control to get the shots they need and quickly. Our precision motion control and software makes sure moves are repeatable and accurate, every time.

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360° product spins, multi-angle product views and professional video give your customers a better understanding of your products and confidence in what they are buying.