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built by Kessler

Kessler is the industry leader in motion control for film and photography for over a decade. All our experience, knowledge and expertise have been poured into making Autocam360™️, the best option for 360° product spins, multi-angle product views and product video.

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boost YOUR sales

360° product spins, multi-row (3D) product views pack images and video greatly increase consumer engagement which in turn increases the revenue potential for all your products. When a potential customer spends more time looking at a product on your site the greater the chance you have that they will buy it.

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save time and money

Shooting 360° product photography and video manually can easily eat up your day with multiple gear setups.  Autocam360's™️ automates the process by quickly shooting and preparing your photos.  Autocam360™️ handles distance, elevation, tilt, rotation, focus and zoom so you can spend your time selling and running your business.

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a complete system

We realize one size fits all really doesn’t always fit all, which is why Autocam360™️ has numerous accessory options to meet your specific needs.  Need to control lighting?  We have a solution for that.  Need to adjust focus during a move?  We got you covered on that as well.  Autocam360™️ is a complete solution for product photography and videos.

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EASY TO USE and reliable

Autocam360™️ has been designed from the ground up to have the same ease of use, precision control and reliability that Kessler’s motion control systems are famous for.  

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360° product spins, multi-angle product views and professional video moves give your customers a better understanding of your products and confidence in what they are buying.